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Case Study Investigative Journalism In India

passed the Criminal Law Ordinance, which provides for death penalty in case of any rape in India. New Horizon The incident not only changed the people of India, its government, but its journalist too. The ideals of journalism never change, but its people, government, and even its journalist change with the times, the technology has

  • While food is often covered from a cultural lens, it is increasingly garnering the attention of investigative journalists, who are bringing new scrutiny to the environmental impacts of supply chains, labor conditions, and political influence linked to food. Tracking Down Horses Owned by Families of the Oligarchs

  • Elaborate on the role of investigative journalists in a democracy. Exposing graft and wrongdoing, putting pressure on the officials to do work and discreet spread of ideas and information etc. Mention about the various obstacles in the path of investigative journalists. Pressure from the affluent, Laws.

  • Investigating Estrada (Philippines) In 2000, the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) released an eight-month investigation into the unexplained wealth of then-Philippine President Joseph Estrada. His undisclosed assets include several mansions and hidden stakes in more than ten companies.


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